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Sunday 26th April, we celebrated the day before the arrival of our travelers and shared together  moments of joy and laugh with sometime a bit of nostalgia on the face of Cri and Vincent. The end of such a raid may not be appealing, it's like returning to civilian life for a military personnel. In a few days they will return to Bourg d'Oisans and resume on their respective activities. They will probably enjoy going through  their photos and videos, and tell their adventures. Sharing this with friends and mountaineers is now the continuity of their adventure, until they engage on other challenges, and we all know that Cri and Vincent have plenty of ideas! 
For us, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, friends we have all been passionated for this alps crossing, and we all have dreamed watching these images and reading their stories. Like any enjoyable period in life we too have a bit of nostalgia for the recent past. That gives us a lesson of courage and determination for small moments of blues which are ahead of us. 
And since nothing has really an end, a member of reception committee engaged on a new challenge immediately after the arrival of Christine and Vincent. Lucie, or "Lulu" for the friends, departed from Menton to Toulouse by bike for about 600 kms in 8 days. You should know that she bikes 9kms per day to commute. The first day she had a terrible bad weather (it is the punishment of this group), a heavy rain all day, which leads her to fall from the bike when crossing Nice. This did not alter her courage because 2 days later she had traveled more than 200km. This second adventure can trigger you to get started in achieving one of your dreams. 
So for me, I resign from my webmaster job to resume on my dream: flying!

Thank you all for your support and your regular visits to the site. 



Latest news from our backpackers 
"The arrival. 
It took time, days, weeks and months to realize that we were going to finish a days by the big blue. Austria should be said that the sea seemed terribly far away. Voila it's done! It is hard to realize that it is "already" finished, mixture of joy and sorrow, but what we remember of that arrival is beautiful and the reception committee of our friends and families on Menton beach. No fewer than 26 people had arrived there to see two "mountain Gypsi "a bit lost, but very pleased by the presence of their friends and family. A big thank you to all of you  ... 
Today we stay  the Roz parents place, rest but not too much because it goes fast to loop in circles. We would like to thank everyone who helped us and a big thank you to Catherine and Thierry for all the work on the site, assistance and organization of the arrival celebration. Thank you very much. 
Vincent & Cri "


News from Christine: 
"Hello to all 

We apologize but it's not easy to write while the end approaches. So we take the opportunity of some days of rest to share with you our last moments on skis. 
Modane Grosse Pierre, we have not had very good conditions. Very few icing and bad weather. Below 2000m we focused on using slopes with less steep than 30 ° with nothing above. 
For the longest day (Montgenèvre / La Monta) Yan joined us for the descent and as usual when he comes with us, there was good skiing conditions and snow! 
The other steps we had a very warm welcome and thank everyone, Fanny at Tabor shelter, Shelter Re Magi for its hospitality and its gourmet meals, and Jean Claude Bertille for having found some space for us at the studio in Montgenevre , religious sisters in La Monte house, and Colette to welcome us with rattles. 
We spent two days in the family home in Grosse Pierre. And frankly I did not really want to continue the raid because the weather provided us with beautiful 2 days followed by 10 days terribly bad! Dixit the old people it is due to the red moon, it will be like that until 26th April! Hopefully we must finish the 25th! 
So without Vincent I would still be in the Hautes Alpes! Finally, fortunately the pleasure of skiing has allowed me to finish this race but from now on, I will go out only by good weather conditions!

For the Mercantour Vincent made you a little note. I would add a big thank you to Jacqueline for coming to see us at the refuge Boréon. Philipe thank you, our Father Christmas in April for his unforeseen visit to the refuge des Merveilles as we were depressed with our dried food (video support this before and after his arrival!) and to Joss for her assistance at various steps in 06 department. 

News from Vincent: 
"Hi everyone 
The Mercantour: 
Not easy in this year 2009. Since our arrival in the 06 department we have accumulated many days of bad weather as usual ... The addition of large quantities of heavy rain + snow + freezing night + almost zero visibility = two days waiting in Isola village and four days at the Madone de Fenestre shelter. Snif! too bad we will come back. Only the mountains  do not move! In any case the little we have seen from the Mercantour, high alpine mountains, we are motivated to come back to exercise our skis in this region, a year when the weather will be better

Vincent "



I take the opportunity of the rest of our backpackers to give you a list of some news indicated by K2, their sponsor. Enjoy reading!,e_90845,r_10736.htm

Press pick up in a French newspaper:

Modane newspaper




Cri and Vincent arrived in refuge Madone de Fenestre around noon today.

They will rest a couple of days and wait for weather improvement. They will head to refuge des Merveilles, then Sospel and Menton.

Visit the photo section to see the pictures of the french alps, as well as some new videos.



Our backpackers left Isola 2000 to join The Boréon.

Arrival in Menton is in one week! Once again if you plan to be on Menton beach Saturday afternoon to welcome Cri and Vincent, please let us know via email or guest book.



Cri and Vincent joined Isola village. The weather is not so good ... as usual some say!   
The french newspaper "Le Dauphiné Libéré"made an article today on Cri and Vincent. 
Click this link to see the article.


From Pierre-grosse to Maljasset refuge today, weather good again. They are fit and Claude joined them again til the end in Menton.  


Our backpackers took a day off to rest a bit in the B&B La monta in Pierre-Grosse. The weather was fairly bad anyway.  


Cri and Vincent arrived in Abriès this afternoon, they were Montgenèvre last night. 
They are progressing according to plan. 
What about the quiz? Are you stuck? 

I remind you to please let us know if you will be in Menton at the arrival in 2 weeks.



According to the planning, our backpackers should be 1 day from Montgenèvre. 
In the meantime, what about launching a new quiz?
We prepared this quiz with Cri and Vincent in Airolo few weeks ago. 
Our travelers are careful not to degrade the environment and not to leave any lasting traces of their passage. Easy to say but not necessarily easy to do, so here is the quiz: "what are doing to get rid of they used toilet paper?" 
Good luck to all ...


Despite the weather our travelers have made good progress this week, they are in Modane tonight. Here are the latest news they have written: 
"Hello to all 
Here's some news from  Modane. 

A short summary from Zermatt: 

For our week from Zermatt to Courmayeur, we had a fairly basic weather. Just enough to move forward every day but with the use of rope and GPS, but not enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery and mountains view!

We went from refuge to refuge via the easiest route. 

We left the high altitude road at Ollomont in the Val d'Aosta to avoid the plateau of the Couloire. 

Then a nice day at the Malatra pass to reach Courmayeur but very crusty snow and hard to ski! Then a fairly "mechanical" stage: Bus to ski resort, bus to arrive at Didier and Manue place in La Rosière (Rain when waking up the next morning, not really motivating!) 

And now we progress "tranquillou" in France. 

Special thanks: 

- To the guards of Bertol and Vignettes huts. Thank you for your hospitality and everything you gave us. If you do not know where to spend your holidays, we answer Bertol and Vignette huts! 
- To Michèle and Andreas, for the bottle of wine they offered us in Bertol refuge. Thank you very much. We wish you a nice raid in Oisans. If you need further information or help, do not hesitate to contact us. 
- Nando in Ollomont for accommodation, food, laundry, repair of the Yannick binding. (Yan binding broke 2h before reaching Nando's place!) And for the welcome, support and his sense of humor. 
- A big thank you to Manu and Didier de la Rosière and to our guests tonight, the family Gonin, which shift by one day their holiday for us and prepared us gargantuan meal. 

And thank you to everyone who helped and encouraged us. 

See you at  the sea 

Bisous Cri " 

For those who want to follow their journey on a daily basis: 
J75: La Rosière. Yann leaves and come back home Queyras. 
J76: Refuge du Mont Pourri 
J78: Refuge de la Vanoise 
J79: Modane 
Check "position" web page for more details.




Cri, Yan and Vincent are in Courmayeur at the foot of Mont Blanc, the last step before France. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they should be in La Rosière depending of weather conditions:

We have since today their arrival adte in Menton: log in your agenda April 25th afternoon at the beach! 

I remind everyone to please confirm me by email if you will be with us on the beach that week-end in Menton.



Our backpackers have joined Ollomont in Italy today, they should be at the Saint-Bernard pass most probably tomorrow. Go and see the overview of their raid on the "position" page, only French alps remain to cross, Switzerland and Austria alps are behind them.  


News received today from our backpackers:

"Coucou from the Vignettes hut where we rest for a day. We are waiting for better weather in a super refuge. Kiss to all and please keep making proposition for the quiz, so far nobody is on the right track.

Cri Vincent et Yan"


Cri, Yan and Vincent went from the Schönbiel hut to the Bertol hut on 26, then to the  Vignettes hut on 27, not without difficulties because of the weather. The weather of this weekend is so-so, they should not resume until Sunday on the raid.

Vignettes hut

Regarding the quiz, Cendrillon chose the wrong case, the English girl did not practice nudism ... By reading the news of the past 2 weeks you may be get a clue.



Our backpakers arrived to the Schonbiel refuge this afternoon. They will there tomorrow due to poor weather conditions. Sounds like the dormitory sharing did not really work with young english, it might be linked to the quiz ...




Cri, Yan and Vincent are blocked in Zermatt due to bad weather so they took the time to send us some news, and a new Quiz! 
"Here we are in Zermatt at J65. After 10 days of high pressure with spring conditions we are blocked by bad weather. It's not so bad to rest a bit. The last stages were wonderful. We were able to move 7 days in a row since Airolo. 
A lot of pleasure so far and we will see how it goes for the future. We are now only 5 stages away from France and there is no hurry to get there! (We would almost make a U turn!) 
New Quiz: What does a young English girl when we are sharing the dormitory of the youth hostel in Zermatt? 
Bises à tous 
Cree, Yan and Vincent " 

"Hi friends 
Hello from Zermatt where we make a break due to bad weather. Last week went well, it was  7 days of progress in a row under a radiant sun. What happiness! It sounds like in 5 stages we will be  in France, it goes really too fast! 
bisous a tous "



Cri, Vincent and Yan climbed their first 4000m high montain today. They had lunch in front of the Cervin (also known as Matterhorn or Cervino). It is huge  toothshape rock at the limit of Switzerland and Italy.



Cri, Vincent and Yannick are in Saas-fee, and plan to be in Zermatt tomorrow. Go on page "position" and check their progress. They have achieve 75% of their raid; They will reach France in about a week.  


Our backpakers followed the Swiss/italian border the whole week from Carno Gries (topright corner on the map) till Simplonpass (lowerleft corner on the map).

The weather conditions were ok this week




Cri, Yan and Vincent are in Corno gries tonight.

Please be patient for the photos and videos we copied last Sunday, they should be in line tomorrow night.



Rest day, news received from Cri by email: 
"Hi everyone. 
Airolo. 4 days after Nufenen. 
4 beautiful days on the skis with the spring that Yan has brought to us. 
On 12/03, we managed to go through the Swiss military camp and to reach the Zapport hut. A unguarded refuge, very warm and lush (food and beer at will.) And we understand why it is filled: it is difficult to reach and hard to leave ... 
The next day, we climbed to the top of Rheinwaldhorn. For weather conditions watch the video ... I must confess that I made it to avoid waiting for the boys at the pass in the cold, and I'll never come back (much emotion in the morning leaving Zapporte hut ...) 
We spent the night Adula Campana, a refuge of luxury: a sunny terrace and a bit protected from the wind, and still a lot of beer ... 
The next day, down in Campo Bleino via tunnels and dams. It is bizarre but practical given the ground layout. Campana and ascending Bovarina in a fairly hot weather. This time no beer here at the shelter and many people (this is weekend) 
The 15/03, crossing on Airolo. Waked up 4h in the morning due to Spring conditions. Beautiful sunrise at the paso of Gara and we carried on our 25 km to get down at noon in very wet snow. (looking for waterskis!) 
In the afternoon, Thierry and family joined us for the 4th logistic support. Thank you again for logistics and internet and also for the Easter bunnies (chocolate). (They lived only 2 min, and yet I'm nice!) 
The upcoming program: Today (16/03) rest and preparation for the coming week. Normally we have a week of good weather which should allow us to arrive Sunday in Saas Fee. 
Bisous to all of you"



We met our backpackers in Airolo, Ticino canton in Switzerland. They are still in good shape and finally enjoy a mild weather. They will rest tomorrow in Airolo and will depart Tuesday.  


Today Cri and Vincent go from capanna Adula to capanna Bovarina. 
Tomorrow we will meet them in Airolo for our second logistic support, including clean clothes ... No worries, despite the smell we still want to see you!


News received from the Cri on 11.03: 
"Hello to all 

For 11 days in a row, we had great fun skiing. 

The weather is improving, temperatures are pleasant and allowed us to remove a layer of clothes. 

We are traveling with a reasonable weather: not blue sky but not bad, which gives beautiful landscapes. 

Switzerland is also synonymous of chocolate and we appreciate it regularly. But it does not mean easy accomodation. We were homeless for 2 days. The 1st Sunday, we arrived relax, thinking it's gonna be easy to find a zimmer or gasthof as in Austria. In fact it was not, so we slept in the tent. The next day, as we had not learned fast enough accomodation rules, we ended up in the village of Innerferrera where the gasthof was closed without any alternative. This time we carried on to the next stage to the Winter refuge Bertacchi. 

For the story: we skied Col Agnel under a blue sky, hot sun and a powder of dreams like in Queyras! 

Some figures: 
34h feet in ski shoes without removing them
58h with the same bodywear

Vincent is much more disciplined than me. But ultimately, the smells are the same! We understand better why you do not come and visit us. 

Tomorrow we will be 3, because my brother Yannick will join us. 

A big thank you to the parents, Mom for the delicious chocolate cake and Dad who brought it. 

Kisses to all "


Cri and Vincent arrived in Innerferrera in the middle of the afternoon, they continue tomorrow toward Splugen.

The webmaster is travelling till late friday, so next news on Saturday. I will try to post intermediate news on the guest book.



Cri and Vincent arrived in Bivio today, they will continue to Juf tomorrow:

Congratulations to Colette and Tristan (pseudo Ecureuil) for winning the second quiz. On photo P1000419 Claud, Cri and Vincent are moving in the bucket of loader. Cri had the good idea to make some hitchiking and an austria roadworker stopped!



Email received today from Cri and Vincent:
D47 climb to refuge Grialetsch 5h. Weather conditions variable.
D48 crossing to refuge Diglt Kesch in the fog 
D49 crossing on Madulain and sightseeing in Zuoz, poor weather conditions, very windy on south. Better weather conditions toward Kesch.
D50 (tomorrow) climb to Jenatsch refuge after tomorrow reach Bivio 

Everything goes well, we are in good shape, the weather conditions enable us to progress, but we hope to see a bit more the landscape. Otherwise we will come back! 
See you soon 
Bises Cri and Vincent" 
Now let's talk about the quiz: it looks like you have hard time. Congratulations to Colette for the attempt with the "sled". It is a good shot but this is not a sled. They are in movement like in a sled. For those who observed the pictures carefully before
the last update, there was one that can provide an essential indication. And yes ... I removed this photo! Good luck, keep trying!


Last week-end, in our discussions with Cri and Vincent, we had the idea of a new quiz. Before launching it, I ask to insiders like Claude and Yannick not to play because I think they were present at the time of the event in Austria.
In section "photos Austria", observe well the photo P1000419, and describe the situation of our travelers. The winner will get a gift!


From Sunday March 1st till today, Christine and Vincent went through part of the Silvretta massif. They were in Guarda mid-day today, heading to the Grialetsch refuge.

Please check the comment on February 27th, we added an extract of Christine journal. Check as well the new photos!



Saturday 28 February, we had the chance to spend an evening with our backpackers. They are in good shape, a few kilos lighter, they still go very well with together and they have a lot of exciting stories to tell about their trip. For the ones worried about Christine hairs, don't worry they are coming back, and surprisingly some of them on Vincent's face :-)))
They left yesterday morning from Scuol for the Silvretta massif and Heidelberger refuge. The "exciting" weather conditions (thank you Claude) will certainly delay them a bit.

Tuesday evening, you will have on the WEB site a major update with all their photos and videos from the start, and the pictures we made this weekend.


Extract from Christine's log:
What's up from Steinach? We are in Switzerland! It slowly moves closer to the end and we are done with Austria. Finally for me it is a great time because I was tired of the Austrian glaciers infeasible, the weather ...
Now we change country, and months for this weekend (the spring is felt).
Steinach otherwise we went through a small part of the Stubai only day of nice weather. So for the first time of the raid, we went to the East. We took the Mutterbergalm lifts to save one day and switch to the other side to do the Wilder Pfaff.
Vincent loved this day, on my side I was so cold that I did not appreciate it except the warm hut !
The next day, once again bad weather, down to Sölden where we waited for 4 days. However we did not stay quiet: ARVA training (Vincent has taken his title of bestof), ascending on rope, ski to the station, and the fruits and vegetables diet.
After 4 days we headed to Braunschweiger Hütte to be ready for the day of nice weather. (It will take us 3 hours to make 4 kms and 100m in altitude to reach the  Lojio). But it was worth doing it as we crossed the Ötztaler alpen under a blue sky and heavy sun. After we resume to bad weather again and again to enter Switzerland, snow, wind and fog. We made a U-turn 50m under the pass ... Too bad for the descent on Pfunds, we keep going by bus!
This weekend we'll see the Vincent's  brother, which brings us the maps for the next stages. It is beautiful weather. We have just been touring a little with light bags to enjoy this wonderful weather. We really feel like kings, picnic in the sun, sitting getting sun tanned, and it will last another 2 months ... (forbidden to tell me that in March the weather may be bad and that in Switzerland there are glaciers).
Bisous à tous
PS: Loïc you were right, we'll actually take a goal in skiing when we'll no be able to tell somebody. But still, making a U-turn a day of good weather it's hard to swallow. Kisses to all and my favorite niece.




Christine and Vincent are in Prutz. Over 3 days they had one single day of good weather. A lot of snow in the mountains and the conditions are not particularly easy.
The weather does not look so good for the next two days so they will remain in the valley to join Guarda (CH) by bus where we're gonna meet them for the weekend. This will be our first meeting for their logistic support (exchanging maps and clothes).
They will backtrack a bit in the valley on Sunday to hike through the Silvretta massif.
Austria will be behind them early next week.


Vacations are over! Christine and Vincent resume on their adventure today from Sölden, next target is Pfunds in 2 or 3 days.

Vincent summarized their tracks for the last 2 weeks because due to bad weather we had hard time to keep track of their raid.
"J20 the 06,02,09: bad weather forecast, we decided not to hang in the refuge. So we decide to resume to our planed route to the Rudolfhutte in 2 days (after the bad wether): Small raid for  training on the height of Helligenblut and then bus to Lienz  where we spend the night.
The 7.02 transfer and rest at Mitterstil.
the 8.02, J21, climb to the Rudolfhutte via the ski slopes in the fog and wind.
the 9.02, D22, beautiful day, bright sunshine as we dream. Granatsfscharte crossing. Arrival in Matrei in Osttirol
the 10.02, J23. Considering the weather and the risk of avalanches, we decided for B plan Hinterbilch. Rostockerhutte climb with overcast weather.
the 11.02, J24. Due to wind storm we go back to the valley as impossible to progress further. bus and train to Brunecko where we spend the night.
the 12.02, Claude leaves us, we joins the Weissbach valley to start the plan B: bypass Zillertaler Alps from the south. Night gasthof
the 13.02, J 25, Climbing to Chemnitzerhutte refuge. still a lot of wind.
the 14.02, J 26, cruise to the refuge Edelrauthutte. wind idem
the 15.02, J27, downhill to Pfunders, tried to cross to Kematen. autogoal. Dodo in the village.
the 16.02, J28, Kematen by crossing over two passes. (Dannelscharte and Pfundersjoch). weather variable
the 17.02, D29, cruise to the Flatschjoch on the Brenner Pass and down to Steinach by train. Snow and Fog
18.02 Rest in Steinach and meeting with Otto Rust
the 19.02, J30. single day of beautiful weather, circumvention of the Stubai Stubaigletcher station. and climb Wilder Pfaff (3455M). Night in refuge Hildesheinnehutte.
the 20.02, D31, descent to Sölden. Snow and wind


All the videos are on-line on the "photos"page, just enjoy!



Christine and Vincent are in Sölden. They will take one or two days off because of bad weather forecast. I've been on the phone with them today, morale is excellent and they do not realise they are only one week away from Switzerland. In 5 weeks, they have crossed the Austrian Alps. "it goes too fast" says Vincent.

The new photo are on line, for the videos just wait one more day ...



Here are the latest news from Christine and Vincent received by email today, we should notice that they are since one month on this raid:

"coucou to all,

We are in Steinach. A day of rest is welcome..
Since Brunecho we could do more or less planned route.
The first two days, we had a terrible wind from the north. So strong wind that we played at putting numbers to the gust that we took.
Gust N 1: gentle breeze that we have ever had!
Gust N 2, you are covered, gortex, mask, hat but you can still advance
Gust N 3: you see the snow getting up higher than you, then you plant the sticks, drops your head and wait it out.
Gust N 4: That's my dad on Rostocker hut where he was forced to sit down! (Now we smiled but in the action we were not joking)

The 3rd day, the wind had dropped and the sun warmed us a little. We thought a nice move Edelrauhutte day to Kematen, but life decided otherwise. We had to pass through the gorges and "picked up a goal". (crossing over the cliff with too much snow.)
This was the 1st time I've thought  Fu... raid and why am I not on a beach laying in the sun! The morale of the troops was at zero (a goal and a great fear), we decided to go to the Gasthof of Pfunders (1st village) to recharge the batteries. (sleeping all afternoon and eat hell.)
And the next day we went around the gorges by a pass to the north. We are on our 4th day fit and ready to achieve 2000m of up and down altitude. And I think this was the most beautiful day of the raid.
First of all because it was not without technical reflection, then we took our revenge on the previous day, and Vincent and I were really in harmony on the decisions and progress.
We ended our day in a gasthof in Kematen with an unparalleled home and sleep and once again great food and great sleep..
The 5th day was also a race. We thought about a tranquillou day, to recover actively. Well we were again wrong! (but no goal this time)
We starts by getting lost in the forest and it becomes "bourrine land". You need to be French to understand "Bourrine land", best translation could be "Rambo game". It starts to have light snow and then strong snow falls to finally ending up with 30 cm of fresh snow. So a nice track to make, cut slopes and without visibility. All that we love. (not to mention the strong gust at the pass)
Finally we finished the descent on the Brenner passs motorway access ....
The snow removal services guided us to a shortcut to the train station. But we arrived on the wrong side of the station, skis in 30 cm snow and facing the incoming trains!

5 days to arrive in Steinach, not without difficulty.
Many emotions
Tomorrow is likely to be avalanche risk factor 4 above 1800m altitude.
So we decide for  a break. This allows us to meet Otto Rust (an Austrian who left a note on the guestbook who lives in Innsbruck). He crossed the Alps on skis in 1996 (Austria> Chamonix) and 2003 Menton> Chamonix. He is very knwoledgeable on such raid, and he gave us good advises about the next steps in relation to snow and weather conditions. It will be a B plan!
Thanks to Otto.
Bises a tous
Cri and Vincent




Christine and Vincent broke their height difference record in one day: 2000m! According Vincent they sweat like hell.

Tomorrow they will go through the Brennerpass.

Another good news we received the memory card with the pictures. One small detail we need to figure out how to readout this SDHC card!



Christine and Vincent are in Fundres in Italie. In 2 days they plan to be in  Kematen in Austria.

30 days of raid already done, and more than 3000 visits on their WEB site. Thanks to all for your  support and congratulations to our high altitude backpackers.



We received the pictures of Claude, Christine father. This gives a better idea of this adventure.

Still not received the memory card from our backpackers ... fuc#!*$ postal service.

And do not forget it's Valentine's today ...



The weather conditions improved. Our backpackers go for three days hiking in refuge from Aurina valley in Italy.

Next contact will be in Kematen in 3 days.



Email received from Christine and Vincent on 12.02.09
(3rd attempt to send the message, and Vincent is very upset!)

Since Mallnitz, we changed field, glaciers, technical challenges and more subject to weather conditions.
We are on schedule and according plan till Helligenblut, but since then the weather requires us to review the steps regularly. We have made a beautiful stage (for the single day of nice weather) between Rudolf Hütte and Matrei im tirol. Yesterday we tried to cross the Zillertaler Alpen with a B plan. But even by easier tracks, we had to give up but it still had the taste of a victory by having managed to descend into the valley.
Considering the conditions and expected weather, we chose to bypass the Zillertaler from the south in 4 days through lower altitude mountains to join the Brenner pass.
We are not anymore 3 on this trip. Dad left today (and he is right!). It was very very pleasant being three, especially for me (Christine) because I could get my minimum subsistence chat without pissing off Vincent (and he appreciated!) And we felt more confident by being 3 during these last difficult days.. Thank you Claude.

Kisses to all from Cri and Vincent "


Still a very bad weather, after three U-turns Christine and Vincent decide to take the train to reach Italy.


According to a SMS received from our backpackers, they are tonight in Matrei. My problem is that there is 2 Matrei village in Tirol. Let's bet that this is the one south west of the Rudolf Hütte. Maybe Yannick can confirm it.

Tomorrow they go south in Italy.

The quiz continues to intrigue some, Yannick has proposed deers, maybe but it does not tell us on which photo! By clicking this link you will have access to a zoom of the famous photo showing these quadripèdes. Good luck!




According latest from Friday, they should be tonighi in the Rudolf hütte.

Given the snow falls of the last days, they maybe late.

Sounds like people are stuck on the Quiz, let me give some hints:

- the photo on page 1 Austria section

- Vincent is on the photot

The next hint will be a zoom of the quadruped animals.




The troupe is in Lienz, because of bad weather they  moved by car. Tomorrow they will resume on cross country skiing toward high altitude.

Another good news they have posted their memory card with photos, very soon we will have many more beautiful pictures to watch.

I almost forgot: the quiz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frank, Mary and Roz papy, bravo for playing but unfortunately no one has found it. I will give 1 or 2 more days to the rest of the friends to find, then I will give you some hints.




Mallnitz to Heilengenblut

They are 4 people since Mallnitz,  Vincent, Christine as well as his brother and father.

Tomorrow, weather forecast is bad therefore they gonna stay in Heilegenblut.

Following a suggestion of Tristan, alias Ecureuil, we propose you a quiz. On one of the photos in Austria, there are 2 quadruped high montain animals. Don't believe this is Christine and Vincent! Let's see who has a sharp view. (just reply on the guest book).



Message from Christine:

"We are in Mallnitz. Everything is ok, dad will arrive this evening.


We spent 2 days at the shelter Arthur-von-Schmid-Haus (, first to relax and then to wait for my father.
The day of February 1st was a bit tough: more than 20km and 1800m of height difference ... So we ended up a little by night! (9:40 touring!)
All this because of snow forecasted yesterday and also due to a taxi that we could not get because our German is too poor!
We are pleased to be Mallnitz, we see the raid progressing.

The reincarnation of Leon Zing:
We crossed a few days ago Mickael. He is crossing the Alps on ski alone in quasi autonomy, he spent almost 4 years preparing his raid. We were amazed by this guy and he managed to get us sleeping in the hut Rudolf Shobe (before Krakaueben). Chapeau!

Double Austrian zimmer:
Double rooms in Austria is a little "love killer". 75% of the time, the double bed results in 2 single beds with their own blanket. So we start the night one single bed. At the first movement, you fall out of the bed and this is fairly paintful. Finally everyone takes his single bed with his blanket for the rest of the night!
However, two advantages need to be noticed: there is no dispute about who pulled the banket on him, and each of us can fart in his own bed quietly :-)

Comment for the guestbook:
Thank you all for the nice comments. Your warm support goes right to our heart.
We love reading your joke and your kind words.
thank you again

We will try this evening with our host to send you new photos ....

Christine and Vincent bisous

PS: On most of the photos, there is a lot of sun. We take pictures when the weather is nice because in fact we have quite often bad weather so we dream a bit of sunshine!"


St Peter to Koschach

The next stage is Koschach/Mallnitz with a night in Giebener refuge.

As the weather is not so good, they will probably need one more day to get to Mallmitz, where Christine father is waiting for them to spend few days with them.



Krakauebene to St Peter

Tonight, Christine and Vincent are in St Peter (lower left corner on the map herebelow). Weather is nice and snow conditions as well. Tomorrow night they should be in Koschach.



Mössna to Krakauebene



Donnersbachwald to Mössna

A quite easy run today in order to relax in between 2 long runs.

Message from our travellers:

We are in Mößna. We went through 3 days of beautiful weather skiing on the edges and a great delight when  going downhill. Our skis are very good. Many happyness but also a hard day of fatigue yesterday, a lot of pain in the ... neck. Thanks to the sweets from Paul'grandmother. Today good recovery.

A small note on the Austrian skiers: I knew the steep tracks of grenoblois but they beat them all the records, straight uphill into the slope and impossible to follow!

For photos, we finally succeeded!
bisous à tous"

click here for the photo section



Oppenberg to Donnersbachwald

Following a request of JC done via the guest book, we added a photo in the news of 14.01.09 ...



Trieben to Gulling

They are in Oppenberg, SMS from Vincent: "ok"



Christine wrote:

"coucou everybody:

A word during our day of rest.

Forward: 1) Vincent has not changed girlfriend nor partner travel; I just cut my hair very short, which cost me an afternoon of tears  and 40 euros! But now it's fantastic not to have all the lala, shampoing, after and special cream!
2) I started with 11kg on my back. Almost the desired weight. But Vincent tell me at J6  he would give me the rope to carry because I am doing well. (I have yet tried immediately "aie my knee," but without effect)
Otherwise, the knee is fine. We have modified the first three days for him. He was paintful on J2&J3, and since then no pain anymore.
Concerning the weather, we are lucky because we had one day of really bad weather (too bad it was the only day that we needed to see clear and we took a goal at 10am in the morning) Come back to Seewiesen to go to Eisenerz .
For the snow conditions it is harder: Below 1000m altitude, useless to dream and we have to carry much during the descent. We gave the best shot below 850m altitude through forest tracks, but I ended up in making my first hole under my skis (sniff). Starting from 1200/1300 snow is good but wind blow. So for the moment is not great skiing to descent (especially for me!)
Austrian life is going well. Bed early, wake up early. We like salt breakfast and our vocabulary  is expanding everyday but we still have some small problems with pronunciation! People are very friendly and very helpful. It's very nice. Gasthof give us some very good memories such as that in Altenberg (small video made over there) . We appreciate the arrival  at ski (or walk!) in the villages and starting the morning in the same way.
If we manage  to send pictures, you can just look  the photos. they speak for us.
If you see Vincent back often, it is normal because I am the one taking photos and I am always behind him! 
Bisous and "tuch" as they say here

Vincent wrote:

"The Austrians: Gruss Got (hello)
We have been told about the warm welcome of the Austrians, and we experienced it. They are very friendly and very nice people. We do not count the number of times that, arrived in a village with our big bags and our skis, nose in the map, looking for oiur way, we saw a person asking us what we are looking for and then showing us our path, and sometime even giving us a lift to the Gasthof or to the hike starting point!
A big thank to all those people.




Christine and Vincent are in Trieben. Tormorrow they take a day off and will try to manage photos and news transfert via FTP. Stay tuned!



ue to bad weather conditions, Christine and Vincent made a U-turn and decided to get down back to Seewiesen. They joined Eisenerz, starting point of their next leg, by bus.

They seemingly have some difficulties to upload some photos via FTP on the server. We are looking for a solution.

Otherwise, the mood is positive and Vincent concluded his latest email with:    "tout va bien"



The morning, Vincent and Christine told us about their departure from Seewiensen to Hoschschwab massif for 2 days. They are on schedule.



Neuberg - Seeweisen



Altenberg - Neuberg

A more relax course with only 300m vertical fall&drop, weather ok. Not a bad day after the tough D1.

Their position after 2 days of raid:



Kaiserbrunn - Alternberg

Get set, ready, go: click here for the video

A fairly long and technical course with 800m vertical fall&drop and a difficult weather with reduced visibility due to clouds. They had to use GPS, crampons and ropes.!

Vincent wrote:

"The Departure:

1 year of preparation to study maps, read topos, find info on the net.
1 year of discussions, questions.
1 year to imagine what it would be ...
And here we are on our skis on 16/01/2009, in front of us with more than 80 stages and more than a thousand kilometers to go. I had previously never felt the weight of such a departure. I had thought about it days and nights but  preparations are finished, we are now in the heart of the matter. And we would not be disappointed because after an hour of walking, we are caught in a thick fog. So we go to the instruments to navigate but we do not give up. This proved to be successful because two hours later we arrive on the plateau of the Alps Rax, and get out of this fog to find the sun.




After visiting the city of Vienna in the morning, they reached Reichenau An Der Rax by train.

Having no accomodation for the D1 course, they decided to skip it and start with D2 course Kaseirbrunn - Altenberg.

Did you notice the new winter cap of Christine? She wears it all the time, do you know why? The answer will be given in Menton!

14.01.2009 In the morning, Christine, Vincent and Thierry tested communication equipements and means (satellite phone, FTP server, emails), also reviewed the anticipapted route to agree on some meeting points for logistic purposes.

Christine discovered the beauty of making videos with their new digital camera, even Spielberg does not make video so well. to see THE film

During the night of the 14th to 15th, Christine and Vincent went in Vienna (Austria) by train from Payerne (Switzerland).

During the party with friends, the mascot joined the team!

We left Bourg d'Oisans with the mascot, towards Switzerland.


09 Jan 2009

Vincent & Christine.

On January 8th we tested our equipment around Villard Notre Dame.

For the trip we chose to carry two sleeping bags of 950gr each (and wich can be merged to make a double size one ;-), and a super light tent improved like a survival blanket whose stakes are our ski poles. This tent weighs only 500gr! (watch out grams! seemingly I have to loose some weight according Vincent). The purpose of this material is to go out any night without ending up like Louis de Funès in Hibernatus. Austrian mountain huts in the middle of winter motivated us to invest in the comfort of new sleeping bags. But is our theory holding true given the coldness of this winter ?....

The response in photos:

We look happy

8H00 in the morning, outside temperature is 14°F (-10°C)

With the current news about the cold, we believe using our equipment is a must. Indeed we slept well. The only problem was getting up in the morning to get out of the cozy warmth of our sleeping bag (for the pee ...).

Cold winter? These media are always exagerating!

To keep the story short, our equipment is making the job, we can face the winter ...


06 Jan 2009 The trip preparation is getting intense and the departure is very soon. Next Tuesday, Christine and Vincent will leave France to visit Thierry, the site webmaster and member of the logistic support team, in Switzerland. From there they will join the starting point of the trip in Austria. The official start date is on January 15th.